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The $500 Home Down Payment is BACK!

Wow! This was quite the week for Home Lending in California First the good news:  CalHFA (the California Housing Finance Agency) announced today that they are eliminating their requirement that borrowers need a 1% cash investment into the transaction – and the requirement that it be from the borrower’s own funds. What this means is [...]

What’s up with stopping foreclosures?

Based on the way our current news business is run, you know that if there was even one family out there that was foreclosed upon while up-to-date on their payments, they would be on every new broadcast and in every newspaper in the country. The reason you haven't seen any of this is because the homes being foreclosed upon should be foreclosed upon.

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My Final Analysis

Will this ever happen again? Despite what you hear on the news or what our politicians are saying, reality is this is never going to happen again regardless of whether the government does anything or not. People tend to remember really big mistakes.

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